Friday, April 29, 2011

Archer Skelington

I'm working on a series of Day of the Dead Characters with painted skulls. There's more to come but Archer is the first of the series. They'll all be characters you are likely to see around Austin.

If you can't tell Archer is a "hipster" though he would never consider himself to be, much less acknowledge the term. You might see Archer hanging out with his trendy friends on the east side, drinking cold PBR's not enjoying popular music. You might have noticed his black rimmed glasses even though daisies sit where eyes use to be. Why should your vision needs, or lack of needs, stop him or any other hipster from sporting an expensive pair of thick rimmed glasses, with clear glass lenses? Even though his UO mosquito net scarf reeks of American Spirits and PBR spillage, the ladies still move in close to that sexy painted on mustache that took 2 months to fill in just right!


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